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Aluminium Kitchen Profiles & Accessories

 Window & Doors profiles & Accessories

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Melamine Faced Chipboard Sheets

Acrylic Solid Surface

Built-in Kitchen Appliances

Our Story

   Just like every successful company in this world has a story, we have one that defines us and remind us how great things can happen from very primitive and humble beginnings.

  It all starts on the year 1998 when our founder Engineer/Hammad Al-Ajmi decided to switch from Stainless steel fabrication business to Aluminum Cabinets. With pure sense of understanding market trends and the sensitive demand of renewable and recyclable alternative to traditional wooden kitchens, the market was ready for an eco-friendly product that can substitute and endure.

  And so, it was born to be the first specialized trading company in Kuwait for row material used in Aluminum kitchen fabrication. Such as, Aluminum extruded profile, High pressure Laminate (HPL), Hinges and other Accessories.

With time, demand was growing steadily to replace the demand of wooden kitchen by almost 80% in the market ever since. Due to the flexibility and versatile improvements that our designer worked very hard to enhance and make the kitchen look very similar to Wooden kitchen (wood Effect).

  In 2005, faith was ready for a new outgrow. We established a state-of-the-art Aluminum Window and doors trading center. In 2014, we established the first specialized company for built-in kitchen appliances under our brand name Built-in. In 2018, we extend operation with trading company for all windows and doors Aluminum extruded profile to be the first and only company with that scoop in the region.

The story does not end here. We will keep you updated. Stay Tuned!

Eng. Hammad Al-Ajmi

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